Submission: Open letter to the media

The following was written by and posted with permission from Christopher Knight, a UCD Student

In the last several days at UC Davis, 52 students have been arrested, two sit ins have occurred and seven separate police agencies have been on the UC Davis campus to deal with hundreds of students protesting against the fee hikes, furloughs and cuts in UC programs. Protests this size and bigger have been occurring all over the University of California system. But what makes what is happening at UC Davis different is that it is a notoriously conservative school without the activist callings that are found at schools like UC Santa Cruz and Berkeley. The massive protests here on our campus are completely self organized without the help of paid organizers for the unions. I think this is a clear example of democracy in action. And while the UC protests have received a fair amount of media coverage, none of it has been from the protesters point of view, and none has concentrated on the unique aspect of a conservative school’s students rising on their own volition to become leaders in the UC protest movement.

This is a truly American story. It is one of ordinary students forced into the position of leadership. Together we stand for access to education for ourselves and for the thousands of future students that these fees will restrict from ever pursuing a UC education. It is a story that, if covered, could be an inspiration to student and citizen organizers everywhere. It could help us all fully realize the power of our free speech, and remind us all that we are all leaders, each endowed with the power to effect change.

Thank you,
Chris Knight
UCD Student


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