UCD Students! Please E-mail Your Professors!

We need all the support we can get! Please e-mail your professors and encourage them to hold class outside!

Dear Professor,

I’m sure you are aware of the actions taken on this campus over the past week in a response to the 32% fee increase, the UC Regent’s allocation of UC funds, and attempts to privatize public education.

As part of our ongoing efforts to make clear our dissatisfaction and insist that administrators start to respond in favor of the interests of students, faculty, and staff, we will be at Mrak Hall this week. We will be educating each other about the situation as well as studying and hanging out to show support. We are asking all students and faculty to bring their work to Mrak and support each other while spreading the momentum of our movement.

I hope you will consider holding our outside this week in support and solidarity. Many students in your class were involved in the peaceful protests Thursday and Friday, some experienced the brutality of the police first hand.


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