Media Coverage & Videos – Mrak 11/24

Student Protestors Return to UC Davis
Notice at the end of this video that the reporter discusses moving the live truck to make way for paddy wagons… which was happening at the same time that Gong was trying to assure us that no further police would be called in. Other news videos reveal that the upper floors and the basement of Mrak we filled with 40+ riot police. The administration lies. The police lie. We are done negotiating with the administration, we’re doing things on our terms now: direct action, occupation, reclaiming public space.

More UC Protests Over Tuition Hike

UC Davis Students Protest At Mrak Hall

UC Davis Students Protest Fee Hikes

UC Davis students end standoff after some demands are met

Demands Of Student Protestors At UC Davis Met

Protestors Gather at UC Davis

Police Warn of arrests for UCD Protestors

Police Threaten to Arrest UCD Protestors

Protestors Chant “Let him pee”


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