Solidarity from Berlin to ucsolidarity

Hi there,

I am not sure where this email will end up, but would be grateful if there are a few people involved being interested in communicating with us – my name is Julia Pauselius, I’m a student of North American studies at the John F. Kennedy-Institute of the Free University of Berlin and writing you in the name of our institute’s student group as well as many students that are following the protests overseas.

Right now, as you might know, we’re preparing our strike week for the first week of December and as students of North American studies we’ve followed your protests and news about the raise in student’s fees closely over the last few weeks. Within our protests and the knowledge about the privileges we have in Europe, the rights of every student of proper and accessable education (! we are actually fighting for FREE education here in Europe!), the decisions of the UC are unbareable. We want to declare our solidarity to you!

For the protest week we are actually planning on offering additional and alternative projects and seminars from students for students. Some of those seminars will be about methodical working, practical revision of what humanities as a science is about, or the university as a place of advertising, etc.. I was planning on starting a project group of JFKI student’s communicating with protest groups, students, maybe even employees at UC, as the UC has always been one of the closest connected Universities for our exchange program and, I believe, we all will gain a lot if we work together.

Please send this email to whom it may concern (It might already be where it was intended to?) and I hope to hear from you soon.

All the best from Germany,


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