Solidarity from City University of New York

I’m a member of the CUNY Campaign to Defend Education, an organization of students, faculty and community members dedicated to defending the City University of New York (CUNY) against budget cuts, tuition hikes and other attacks on our education. We have been inspired by the actions of students and teachers in the UC system and the California public schools and by your plans for a day of action on March 4. We would like to endorse your call for action, and we are interested in organizing solidarity actions here at CUNY on March 4 and contacting student groups in other states who are struggling to defend education about joining us in solidarity actions. We have already spoken to activists in Maryland and North Carolina who are interested in participating, and have plans to contact students in more states. We would like to discuss with you the possibility of turning this into a nationwide call for action and reaching out to activists across the country.

I can be reached by email at If possible, please contact me sooner rather than later, as we would like to begin organizing solidarity actions as soon as possible so that we can have plans laid out by the end of the fall semester.

In solidarity,

Doug Singsen
Member, CUNY Campaign to Defend Education
Student, CUNY Graduate Center
Writing Fellow, Kingsborough Community College


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