Solidarity from Salzburg, Austria to ucsolidarity
Jürgen Linder sent a message using the contact form at

Hi fellow students in Berkeley and CA!

My name is Jürgen Linder, I am participating in the student protests in Salzburg, Austria. I am involved into “international exchange” and have already forwarded the news about your protests and police action throughout the activists in Germany, Austria, England, Switzerland, Poland, Croatia

I set up an “international exchange WiKi” together with a guy at Davis University, which is located at

There you can find information and contacts to the European movement, I am still working on putting all the information in, cause there are 60 universities occupied in Germany now, and they are still getting more, about 15 in Austria, and 3 in Switzerland. Also, students at LCC London occupied a theatre but were forced out by police.

Please find the links on the website.

Please send me your Email, so that we can add you to our mailing list.

Thank you and solidary greetings for your actions,


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