We the Students of the University of California, Davis hereby demand that our voices be heard by administration, the UC Regents, the City of Davis and the State of California. Present, is our list of immediate, short-term, and long-term demands that the UC Davis population deems necessary in order to have a fully functioning campus. Immediate Demands for the vacancy of Mrak Hall on November 24, 2009:

1. Give amnesty to the 52 people that were arrested in Mrak Hall on November 19, 2009 by the way of effectively putting pressure on the DA to drop all charges placed on these individuals and by granting complete amnesty to these student under Student Judicial Affairs independent of the legal actions taken by the DA . Also, provide amnesty for all UC Davis students, faculty, and staff involved in protests concerning fee increases, budget cuts, and the laying off of University employees. In addition, we demand a public apology for Bree Holmes who was assaulted by police forces on Thursday night, November 19, 2009.
a. Both of these demands shall be in writing and signed by both administrators and the Chief of Police.
b. These demands shall be recorded by the media in front of the students occupying Mrak Hall tonight. Immediate Demands:

2. Repeal the 32% fee increase that was approved by the UC Regents.

3. Make UC Davis a sanctuary campus for all undocumented students (AB540) and workers. Also, have UC Davis administration support the action of creating the city of Davis a sanctuary city. In addition, Chancellor Linda Katehi shall give her signing bonus back to AB540 students as a sign of solidarity with her students that cannot receive financial aid.

4. Stop all current construction on campus.

5. A public apology from administration for having created this situation and a further sign of solidarity by advocating to the State of California to reevaluate the cuts on education.

6. Have the UC Regents and UC Davis administration positions reevaluated and have their terms reduced to four years and have a balanced student and state administration representation at Regents meetings.

7. Promise not to close any cooperative housing and promise to support and expand low-income cooperative housing on campus.

8. Support all student services and programs including outreach services and resource centers on all University of California campuses.

9. Make the UC Davis and the UC wide budget transparent and more accessible to students.

10. Reinstate programs and majors that have been cut; including but not limited to: Textiles and Clothing, and Nature and Culture.

11. Restore all lost positions for University employees and make no further cuts on the lowest-paid employees.


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11 responses to “UC DAVIS LIST OF DEMANDS AS OF 11/24/2009: FROM MRAK HALL

  1. Anonymous

    So wait. Halting reconstruction on campus. Does that include the reconstruction of the Memorial Union and if so, does that mean the workers are going to be stuck in the mobile units longer? Where are the students going to eat when it’s wet and cold outside?

    Also. Sanctuary city what?

  2. ProfessorCirno


    That’s pretty wait shit you’re serious aren’t you

  3. Jay

    wish we got them all. . .what we got was something. . . a baby step in a long journey. my big concern is that this will land in a way that lets admin say ‘look we are working with you’ while we all keep paying more that we can afford.

    is getting arrested a stronger message than compromising to ‘the best that can be offered’ when ‘the best’ really just leads to more meetings? I mean we are talking about a necessary fundamental change to the way that UC Davis operates, how well can we do that by going with ‘the best that can be offered’?

  4. Excuse ME

    Sanctuary city, what a load of nonsense. You want the fee hikes gone, I get that. However, with desiring sanctuary status you force the tax payer to give up more and more of their hard earned money for a lot of social services that are incredibly unnecessary. To get a fundamental change to UC Davis, the most effective way would be to go to another school. An even better way would be to put a stop payment on your checks to the UC Regents, then you would be sticking it to them, but if they got your money already, and you strike anyways, they’ve won already.

  5. What does making UCD a sanctuary campus have to do with anything? All this is doing is adding pointless provisions to your demands. You are trying to prevent a 32% fee increase. Stick with that and stop trying to tackle too many things at one time. How does making Davis a sanctuary city help anything? There is a process to become legal here in the US and ILLEGAL immigrants should follow that process. We shouldn’t have to protect illegal immigrants.

    And I agree with anonymous, stopping current construction would just cause more problems on campus. I’m incredibly happy to see the egg heads were put back up in front of Mrak. I would hate for the CoHo to be unfinished. I would hate to see King Hall surrounded by fences for years to come.

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  7. The Wolf

    I posted a comment yesterday and it said it was awaiting approval by a moderator. Obviously you didn’t think it was appropriate because I didn’t agree with your beliefs. If you think you have the right to express your freedom of speech by sitting in Mrak Hall, then you should give me my right to free speech and comment on this. You even deleted another comment because it didn’t agree with what you believed! Censorship at it’s finest……

  8. To address only the criticism about the timeliness in which feedback was posted (check: https://ouruniversity.wordpress.com/2009/11/26/reaffirming-solidarity/ for a content-related response) The moderator of this site will do their best to update the blog and post others’ feedback in a timely manor. Please be patient!

  9. Anonymous

    I really think that the way the greatness of a community is measured is by the way it treats the members with the most need… In the case of the community of Davis, we have to realize that we have members who may not have as much privilege as us, with that said, making Davis a sanctuary community for undocumented individuals shows the solidarity the community has with its members, thinking about the way in which many of these members might have not been in this situation by choice. The University of California Davis should not be allowed to discriminate an individual based on any of the identities including that of citizenship status, we are no one to decide and prohibit anyone from getting an education and/or a job to feed their family. We should really think about the criticism we give the movement if we are not joining the movement, instead of criticizing we should come up with ways to fight the system that is oppressing every single one of its citizens. Come and join the movement. Solidarity! that’s what we need!

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