Solidarity from Oberlin, Ohio

Dear Davis students and faculty,

I’m writing as a dining coordinator for a student run co-op in Oberlin College, Ohio. But I am also writing as a California native, friend, and BROTHER to UC Davis students. I’m an 18 year old student at a school that charges a shit-load of money (over $50,000) for higher level education. However, not all schools are able to give financial-aid like mine, especially high-quality public institutions like UC Davis that are partly based on tax revenue.

Tank Co-op sends our thanks to those students who were brave enough to be arrested for their cause:
affordable education.

Everyone I’ve talked to here is appalled at the fee hikes in the UC system (there are a good number of Californians here at Oberlin). We’ve all been following blogs,Youtube, and media about the arrests in Berkeley and Davis.

I just wanted to let you all know that you have family out here in Ohio that cares about your cause. Keep in touch if you need anything, Davis.

In cooperation,
Core Patrick Harkins
(and Yona Koch-Feinburg)
Tank Co-op DLECs
Brother to Kelly, UC Davis Student


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One response to “Solidarity from Oberlin, Ohio

  1. Lauren Cockrell

    We thank you for your solidarity and hope that other colleges across the nation (if not world) can also stand with us in our fight for free, public education. What our state and national leaders need to hear is that students stand “together, united, [and will] never be divided.”
    Thank you and please pass on your knowledge of these events to other friends across the nation
    -L.R. Cockrell

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