Invitation: CenCal Regional Meeting to Save Public Education

In September we saw the awesome power of students and workers at the UC and CSU walk-outs. That energy was also present at the Oct. 24th Conference to Save Public Education at UC Berkeley. All these efforts show us that we have the power to stop the catastrophic budget cuts, fee hikes, layoffs, and educational segregation. But to save public education in California requires coordinating our efforts.

We invite all UC, CSU, CC, k-12 students, workers, teachers and their organizations across the Central Valley to participate in and collectively build the December 5th CenCal Regional Meeting to Save Public Education. The regional meeting will take place at CSU, Stanislaus in Turlock. Please contact us for more details and logistics.

The purpose of this meeting is to unite all the Central Valley campuses along with workers and organizations to coordinate our
efforts for March 4th. We need to mobilize if we are to win back public education for all, especially the working-class and communities of color, in California.

We ask all organizations and individuals who want to save public education to endorse and help us build this regional meeting.

Save public education!
No budget cuts, fee hikes, or layoffs!
For state-wide student, worker, and faculty solidarity!

In Solidarity,

CenCal Organizing Committee:
-CSU, Stanislaus Students for Quality Education
-CSU, Stanislaus Socialist Organizer
-Merced College Students for Social Justice
-CSU, Stanislaus Right to Education
-CSU, Fresno MEChA

Click here to view the invitation


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