UCD Law Students Association: 2009-10 BUDGET FACT SHEET

The UC Regents Committee on Finance approved a fee increase for mid-year in the 2009-10 year as well as for 2010-11. The details of that approval can be found here:


UC Davis School of Law Increase for Spring 2010 Semester: 

Residents: $17,584.05 [Total]
Non-Residents: $23, 057.05 [Total]

This reflects a $579 increase in the Educational Fee and a $61.40 increase in the CEI Fee for the Spring Semester.

This was last updated 11/18/09 and can be found here: 


2010-11 Fee Increases. The “2009-10” figure below includes the spring increase.

Educational Fee:
2009-10 $7401
2010-11 $9312

Professional Student Fee
2009-10 $23,049
2010-11 $28,599

2009-10 $21,750
2010-11 $25,186
This information was updated on 11/23/09 and can be found here: 


So what can you do?

Join the King Hall Advocacy Campaign through the External Relations Committee by e-mailing: whmckenna@ucdavis.edu

Join the UC for CA campaign here:http://www.ucforcalifornia.org/uc4ca/home/

Become an Aggie Advocate: http://capwiz.com/ucdavis/home/


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