Why Sacramento is NOT “the problem”

The constant deflection from UC PR folks (and much of the media, unfortunately) is that our efforts should be focused on Sacramento.

Here is a condensed version of much of the case against UC administration/ regents in a few charts and paragraphs. It’s a fairly good answer to that deflection.

Please share widely: http://ucpay.globl.org/crisis_of_priorities.php


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2 responses to “Why Sacramento is NOT “the problem”

  1. What’s your beef with how the media is covering the story?

  2. I’ve seen quite a few editorials about how students are misdirecting their anger toward UC executives who are just “doing what they have to do”, and too many articles that carry a similar subtext.

    Not surprising, since it’s such an appealing argument: “The state is poor, and the state cut UC, so UC must be poor too.”

    Easy, superficial, and wrong.

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