March 4th – All of Education – Unite

“No cuts to Education – K-12 to the Universities”

March on Sacramento and Los Angeles Thursday, March 4th, 2010

  • Education has been under attack this year from K– 12 to the Universities.
  • In the past we resisted the cuts, separately at each level: K-12, Community Colleges, CSUs and UCs. Sometimes we even ended up competing with each other for the meager funds that were available
  • Now it is time for all of us to join together and act together – K-12 to the Universities.
  • We must show that we will not accept the degradation of the lives of millions of students, teachers and faculty, staff, workers and parents.
  • Let’s show our numbers and our power by all marching together to say No Cuts to Education.
  • We must feel our power by everyone coming together.
  • We propose that the march take place on March 4th. Why? March 4th is far away enough away that it gives us time to organize. The date is close enough that it is before the May revise to the budget. The date is before all the schools, colleges and universities begin their spring breaks.

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