Come to senate TONIGHT Th 12/3 @ 6:10 pm MEE ROOM

The following is an email sent to the ASUCD Senate Table concerning the Resolution passed on November 19th during the protest at Mrak Hall. While I was being arrested, the Senate met outside of Mrak and passed an amazing and progressive resolution issuing a “Vote of No Confidence” in UC Higher Leadership as a statement that administrators are not advocating for UC students they way we believe they should be. I saw video of this resolution being passed after I was released from County Jail, and I can honestly say that I have never been more proud to sit on the senate table and to be a UC student.

Your ASUCD President, Joe Chatham, has vetoed this Resolution.

You may recall another veto of Joe Chatham’s, that of the veto of the Ethnic Graduation bill last quarter. It seems to me that a precedent has been set by Joe Chatham, that every time the Senate makes great strides in progressive advocacy for the UC Student body, Joe vetoes it.

I encourage you to attend the Senate meeting tomorrow at 6:10 in the Mee room of the Memorial Union to express to Joe Chatham and the rest of the senate that a veto of one white male is hardly representative of the entire UC student body.

In Solidarity,

Rara Resiste


Dear Senate,

I have chosen to veto Senate Resolution #9 for the following reasons:

First, a vote of no confidence “in the leadership of the UC” is too broad a statement to make on behalf of the students of UC Davis. I agree that there is great need for improvement within the UC administration, however, this terminology is ambiguous about who exactly we are declaring a vote of no confidence in. The word “leadership” could go as far as to include administrators such as Brett Burns, Mark Champagne, Bruce Campbell and others who are working tirelessly with pay-cuts to maintain our university’s quality.

Second, I believe that making a vote of no confidence is not the right thing to do. It is deconstructive. Instead, we are better off laying out constructive demands that have the possibility of improving our situation.

Third, this resolution was passed in an environment where there was no room for discussion, amendment or dissent. I believe that careful consideration should be given to all legislation and that all students should have the opportunity to comment in an open public forum. I do not feel that this was possible at the meeting where SR #9 was passed.

Therefore, I have written an alternative resolution which will be seen as urgent at this week’s senate meeting addressed to the UC Regents and President Mark Yudof articulating our concerns and presenting concrete demands for them to act upon.


Joe Chatham

Associated Students, UC Davis
344 Memorial Union
One Shields Ave.
Davis, CA 95616


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