Updates from the Oakland Courthouse

3:15 p.m. Here are a few points made by John Viola, from the National Lawyers Guild, who was representing at least one of the students charged, forwarded from a student inside the courthouse: The DA has decided not to charge the eight people who were in for felony charges at this point and they will be released later tonight.  We need to continue to follow these cases.  We want the charges dropped and for there to be no academic charges brought against the students.

2:44 p.m. Reports from inside the courthouse are coming in that NO CHARGES WILL BE FILED AT THIS TIME.  EVERYONE SHOULD BE RELEASED TODAY.

2:26 p.m.:

12/14/09, 2p
Case Number 09378689
CHARGES DROPPED, pending further investigation
12/14/09, 2p
Case Number 09378619
CHARGES DROPPED, pending further investigation
12/15/09, 9a
Case Number 09378685
(Unclear whether or not the charges were dropped)
12/15/09, 2p
Case Number 09378660
12/15/09, 2p
Case Number 09378688
12/15/09, 2p
Case Number 09378647
12/15/09, 2p
Case Number 09378646
12/15/09, 2p
Case Number 09378687

If you’re at the courthouse and have more information about A.M.’s arraignment please let me know the status of their charges. I definitely want to know so I can update the post more accurately.


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One response to “Updates from the Oakland Courthouse

  1. hi, my name is noah grant…i play in a duo in san francisco called foolproof four. i’m also just recently graduated from uc berkeley, and i’m fully behind the current movement throughout the uc and state schools. i also wrote and recorded an a capella song in support of the events that took place in wheeler hall last month, and really, in support of everyone involved in the movement. please give it a listen when you get a chance, it’s really for you all, http://www.myspace.com/foolprooffour, the song’s called ‘lady valia stood her ground’. if you want i’ll send you a copy. thanks for sticking up for what you believe in.

    noah grant

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