UPTE/UAW Action, Tuesday, Dec 15

UPTE and UAW are doing a joint info picket next Tuesday from 12-1. Pickets will be up across the state <<see location list below, and we're asking everyone who can to come participate.

In addition to picketing at Berkeley, there will be an outdoor press conference (@ Telegraph and Bancroft – Eshelman Steps) w/ representatives and speakers from federal elected officials' offices (Lynn Woolsey for sure – others TBA), Sharon Cornu from the Alameda Labor Council, Victor Sanchez (President of the UC Student Association) and others.

The picket is a protest of UC's strategy of hiding behind state budget cuts to reject proposals for salary increases and benefit improvements for researchers and technicians (UPTE), and postdoctoral scholars (UAW). We all know how much UC's federal/private grant revenue has boomed over the last decade – help us get the word out to the press that the money is **NOT** making it into the pockets of the workers that actually DO the frontline research at UC. Fliers will be arriving at UPTE/UAW offices by Monday for distro. press advisories/releases will be going out tomorrow and monday, and we will forward them to the list. please feel free to distribute widely.


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