Contextualizing the Raid – Repost: Police seize DJs’ laptops

It appears that the police tactic of confiscating personal property, electronics, laptops, etc that was employed last night during the police raid is part of a larger strategy police have developed during other SoMa party raids:

While SFPD officials deny the laptop seizures is a new policy they admit it has been condoned by Police Chief George Gascón, who took over in August and last month told the Guardian’s editorial board he wants to make the SFPD more transparent and accountable to the public (see “New coach, new approach,” 10/14/09).

“Taking laptops [is] not necessary to prove the underlying crime, and in many cases damages people’s ability to earn a living.”

Miller said Bertrand turned to the inquiring person and said, “You will never see this laptop again.”

Read the rest of this article on the San Francisco Bay Guardian: Police seize DJs’ laptops, New police chief apparently condones policy that critics call illegal and punitive

If you’re dealing with the aftermath of last nights police raid and have had any electronics seized, consider contacting Electronic Fronteir Foundation:


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