Rock Out/ Walk Out @ SFSU

As student life gets more and more expensive and requires us to work increased hours as wage slaves in order to support ourselves, we often don’t have time to have some fun once in a while. So let’s dance our worries away and live a university where we make the rules for a day, and realize the possibilities of a student-worker run university!

Thursday, February 11th @ Malcolm X Plaza
Music + Dancing at 12, March + Rally at 12:30

This event will respond to

1) The police brutality and violence taken against SFSU students on January 30th, at a benefit party for occupation arestees to assist with legal funds
2) The decision by the Administration and puppet student government to fund a $93 million dollar Recreation Center to be funded by ANOTHER increase in student fees
3) Increased cuts to education and other public sectors of society
4) This society’s destruction of adventure and fun in everyday life

“We no longer need to speak on the nature of the scandalous cuts made to education and other public sectors in society- tens of thousands of students across the state have already expressed their discontent with the current situation by engaging in civil disobedience across the state, and more recently across the nation. There has been an increased police presence on our universities in a feeble attempt to scare us out of action, and recently these forces have turned violent against our fellow students. To wait for things to improve on their own, or to continue following the advice of our so-called “leaders” to vote and/or send e-mails to our congressmen and women is nonsensical. Let no posed authority figure dictate to us how to express our overwhelming anger and dissatisfaction with the current budget priority crisis, let our actions reflect these sentiments. May our movement be as powerful as the rage felt in knowing that you or your loved ones may be the next students unable to cope with the increasing tuition, or the next families unable to pay next month’s rent. May we embrace the current momentum built up across the nation and expand upon it, ultimately leading up to a strike on March 4th.”- Wes Vasquez

For more information and to RSVP, check out the facebook event: Rock Out/ Walk Out @ SFSU


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