More proof of the administration’s manipulations



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3 responses to “More proof of the administration’s manipulations

  1. Joshua Clover

    The idea of “early-20th-century-style anarchists” is in many ways hard to credit (does Provost Lavernia know quite a bit about such things? Perhaps he has read anarchist historian Paul Avrich’s book on the Modern School Movement?)

    But it is also telling: it reveals the categories in which the administration is able to think. This truly is a poverty of imagination: to be unable to recognize that organizing against privatization of education, and of our shared social existence in general, is a project in every regard of the moment.

    For them, to live in the present means agree that every part of our lives should be submitted to market logic and discipline; one must be from another era, another reality to think otherwise. Perhaps this is correct. We should be honored to show that our thinking, and our refusal of their logic, does indeed come down to this moment from elsewhere — from the future for which we’re struggling.

  2. Anon Aggie

    I don’t know about “early 20th century” but when the movement’s first confused lurches produced ill-informed and conflicted demands, anarchists is exactly the word I used to describe the protesters. This website doesn’t exactly do much to change my mind; the tone of most articles is a complete rejection of anyone in authority.

  3. anon aggie

    aint nothin wrong with anarchists ❤

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