Know Your Rights! Description & Materials

The Know Your Rights training is about to start! Come to the area under the main staircase if you’re interested!

This training covers all of the basic legal information for interactions with police. Topics range from questioning to searches to safety. The interactive format allows participants to explore their options in realistic settings. Time: 2 hours

Click the image or link bellow to download a copy of “Dealing with Police”

“Dealing with Police” Download


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When you come to the library…

… Bring a mug for coffee and tea!

(and your favorite kind of tea, if you have a preference)

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Repost: PITCH: Investor’s Club: Do the UC Regents Spin Public Funds into Private Profit?

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Repost: Occupy Everything Fight Everywhere Strike March 4!

This post was written by spaceattack and originally posted on occupycalifornia, the original posting can be found here: Occupy Everything Fight Everywhere Strike March 4!

The call has gone out. On March 4th, students, workers and teachers throughout the nation and across the globe will strike. Pre K-12, adult education, community colleges, and state-funded universities will come together in an international Strike and Day of Action to resist the neoliberal destruction of public education in California and beyond.

We stand beside all who wish to transform public education, and we seek to advance the struggle by generalizing the tactic that has, by far, been the strength of the movement: direct action.

In keeping with the spirit of March 4th, we call upon everyone, everywhere, to occupy everything—from collapsing public universities and closed high schools to millions of foreclosed homes. We call on all concerned students and workers to escalate the fight against privatization where they are, in solidarity with the California statewide actions. We envision a network of occupied campuses in multiple states across the nation.

We call upon all Bay Area students, teachers, and workers to unite on March 4 to march from Berkeley into downtown Oakland. We encourage all those in the Bay Area to organize actions alongside and in support of the occupation movement, so that March 4th becomes a day of blockades, sit-ins, mass marches to the streets and freeways, a day for reclaiming public spaces and institutions. In solidarity with hundreds of occupied schools and workplaces across the globe, we seek to make March 4th an international day of action demonstrating our collective resistance.

Why Direct Action?

We understand clearly that decades of rallies and petitions have not and will never be enough. We have already witnessed the violent extremism and radicalism of the other side: behind every fee increase, a line of riot cops. Behind every call for “dialogue,” the threat of prison. Behind calls for “shared public sacrifice,” millions in obscene raises and bonuses.

Governor Schwarzenegger’s recent proposal to tie public education to privatized prisons has accompanied the authorization of mass student arrests, the labeling of student activists as “terrorists,” and the accelerating militarization of California from its public campuses to its patrolled borders.

The state’s decision has also revealed the power and effectiveness of direct action to turn the tide against the corporate and financial interests, the lobbyists and politicians, who have used the crisis to enrich themselves while destroying or privatizing fundamental public goods like education and health care.

Public Education Versus Private Prisons: A False Choice

As more and more jobs are lost and homes foreclosed, an entire generation has been reminded that those who work do so at the expense of others who are barred from doing so. The availability of scarce future jobs depends upon the forced subtraction of a portion of the population from the work-force. This is the web of relations in which we work and study; this is the truth of a profoundly racist, neoliberal society whose logic education reproduces, alongside prisons, in the name of “meritocracy” or “a better life.”

Prisons and schools are the last remaining spaces in our society where individuals rendered superfluous by contracting job and housing markets gather together for years at a time. Schools and prisons house the “privileged” or the “pathological.” The university produces the wage earner-to-be, with skills financed by a lifetime of debt. Prisons are a home of last resort for those unable to pay the steep price of admission for job training, certification, and the right social networks.

The Governor’s zero-sum proposal pits various sectors of the population against each other for diminishing resources, for the right to die slower or faster. It is a false choice and we reject it. This crisis cannot be solved, only magnified, by distributing violence and misery among scapegoated populations: immigrants, prisoners, the “urban poor,” and now, students and youth in general.

The Crisis Is General. So Too Is The Resistance

To occupy a building, to defend it against the police, to shut down a city, is to subtract ourselves as much as possible from the property relations that govern our relationships to each other—from the enclosure of knowledge and skills within dwindling job markets and hollowed-out institutions; from the enclosure of universities within admissions policies which crowd out students and workers of color through exclusionary logics of race, class and citizenship; from the enclosure of tuition within capital projects financed by student and worker debt; from the enclosure of work within the wage relation which clearly cannot meet the basic human needs of the vast majority of us.


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Updates from inside Shields!


5:57 p.m. – Knitting circle and discussions around the University of California Annual Financial Report, 2008 – 2009.  Things have been so chill today, studying, drinking tea…

University of California Annual Financial Report, 2008 – 2009

4:49 a.m. – Videos complete! Check out what some students have to say about the extended weekend hours at Shields:

3:30 a.m. – Things are finally winding down for the day, just a few folks still up talking but many have tucked away in various corners of the stacks.  What a day!  We’ve got some really interesting footage to share that was taken by some student organizers who interviewed folks using this wonderful library’s resources after weekend closing hours. Stay posted for more workshops tomorrow and an evening debrief.


11:00 p.m. – Dance party plans are under way!  We’ve moved a sounds system into the basement and are getting ready to make things happen! Of course, the whole idea of turning off the lights in this one small room has apparently caused some concern in the administration because The Gong has been called in ….

2:45 p.m. – About 15 people are attending the Civil Disobedience and Violence workshop upstairs.

12:00 p.m. – Coffee and tea urns are set up downstairs and plenty of students are using taking advantage of the free beverages.  We’ve gotten a lot of questions and a lot of intrest from students who weren’t aware of the study-in when they arrived and lots of folks are planning on being able to come in early tomorrow / stay late tonight.  Sleeping over is going to be so nice. I’ve got my nail polish collection at the ready.

10:30 a.m. – Folks are up and about, it’s great to have access to the library before NOON on the weekends!  Students who would have otherwise been forced to study in the 24-hour reading room last night were comfortable, content, and had access to library materials last night.


10:07 p.m. – Bob Ostertag is speaking, highlights and video coming soon!

8:47 p.m. – Shields Library sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to Oki!

8:33 p.m. – At this point we’ve all settled in to enjoying some Woodstocks pizza and rice and beans. Folks have been left with a lot of interesting and thought provoking ideas from professor and UC AFT President Bob Samuels and Michelle Villegas and Chris Servera, two undergrad students from MEChA de UC Davis, who spoke from about 6:30 – 8:15.

Villegas and Servera brought up issues faced by students of color, underrepresented, and low-income students. Villegas emphasized the importance of reaching out to and empowering non-college tracked youth in surrounding areas through high school and middle school outreach programs and through incorporating students at all levels of school into the fight for education equity.

With student fees reaching nearly $11,000 next school year, students who already struggle financially to manage the costs of attending a UC will be forced to increase the hours they work jobs, take out additional loans, and be pushed further into debt. Servera explained that financial demands lead to students who spend 80% of their time and energy on being able to afford college with only 20% of their time remaining to spend on course work and grades.

Villegas also highlighted the importance of acknowledging the ways in which undocumented students, who cannot receive financial aid and are pay out-of-state tuition rates, are particularly affected by fee increases.

5:15 p.m. – Banner reading “WE ARE THE CRISIS” goes up above the main staircase, students welcome each other to the library and then continue chants and begin a march around the different floors of the library.

5:00 p.m. – We’re in the library!

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Police presence at the library already

Despite Katehi’s attempt to appear supportive of this weekend’s student organized study-in, the levels of administrative manipulation are already apparent hours before the action begins.

As expected, militarization of the library….

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Media Coverage – Shields Library Study-in


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Fox 40: UCD Students Break Silence In Library


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